Thursday, September 25, 2014

Draft Chair & Wreath

Hello Crafty Friends

I am here today to share with you a couple of purchase I made. I had been looking for a new chair for my craft room.  The chairs I had didnt raise up high enough where I work in my craft room.  I made a short video of the chair I purchasd.  I bought it through Amazon its called the Boss Chair it was reasonably priced.  I only ordered one to see if I would like it it only cost $109, free shipping, there were different colors to chose from. I chose black and I love my chair.  I will have to get another chair for my room. it came nicely wrapped in this box.  My fear was that it would come damaged, all was good.  Here is the link on where I purchased the chair  and the video for you to watch.  Sorry I cant get my pictures to turn the correct way. 


Also purchased a wreath from Michaels half price and I love  the wreath and who doesnt love a sale.

Thanks for watching

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