Friday, October 3, 2014


Hello Crafty Friends,
Hope you are having a good day, today I want to share with you a swap I was in with a lady at work.  I have mentioned her before she is Miss Linda of LM creations. She and I did decided to challenge ourselves with a ATC Swap we made 4 cards,  the colors  we had to use were maroon, pink, brown, flowers, metal. We exchanged our csrds today below are her ATC cards they turned out beautiful. They are all beautifully done, but the one with the bird on it is my favorite. She knows I love birds and vintage bird cages. She also gave me some clear bags for these cards to go in a bird coaster which I may alter I cant use for a coaster way to cute to use.  She also gave me some vellum envelopes, and card with sayings on them.  This was fun participating in the swap. 

            Love how Miss Linda thought outside the box and used a different shape for a ATC card below.
                Below is the bird coaster I was talking about, I love it i think it will look pretty altered.

                                            I will also share my ATC cards that i gave her tomorrow.
Thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog.  I hope you enjoyed the ATC Cards, I will post my cards tomorrow.

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