Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Altered Christmas Bird Cage

How have you been? I know it's been a long time since I have blogged.  I had a lot of stuff going in my home life I had to stop for a while.  I do miss crafting I have cut way back looking back I can't believe how much time I spent.  I wonder how I was able to do as much crafting and keep the house cleaned and work full time.  I have been busy this past spring, summer and fall with travel ball my daughter plays.

I want to share with you a project I made I work above a Michael's store and that can be trouble lol.
I have purchased vintage Christmas birdcage cage  I got it for $5.99.  I only bought one I thought I would alter it for Christmas.
I had bought a birds nest last year for christmas I had planned on altering a bird cage and never got around to doing one.  So this year I said I would below is the birds nest I bought at Kirklands which is also downstairs from where I work at.
I had put ribbon on the top of the cage the green stuff was already on the cage I ended removing it. I had hot glued the ribbon on the small parts of the cage. 
below is the finished product I added some poinsettas, Christmas picks, and I added a bird sitting on a poinsetta in the the birds nest.   I wanted to add more but i thought less is more.  I made my own bow and hot glued that on to the cage as well

Well I hope you like my bird cage I thought it came out cute for my first time.
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  1. WOW Vicky your project looks amazing! TFS.
    Have a wonderful day and a fabulous 2014



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