Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Altered Letters

Good Morning Happy Hump Day,

Today I am sharing with you altered letters I bought at Michaels. I bought these letters year and half ago with intentions of doing them for a birthday gift, but time got a way from me then Christmas came I said I would do them for Christmas that came to pass to, then another birthday came still didnt get them done. Well the time came for me to get them done the co worker I was making them for was transferring into another department, I had to get them done.  These are the letters from the $1.00 bin from Michaels

Here is the finishe project
I used modge podge to adhere the paper down, I used Tim Holtz distress ink oon the sides of the letters, the paper used Kellerkurtz & Company paper pad from Hobby Lobby I love this paper, i had used this paper pad on my altered clipboard.  Prima bling, flowers from I Am Roses & Michaels Recollection flowers  & butterfly on the letter L and, cut out postage stamp from Graphic 45 Ladies Diary. I modge podge it again once the paper was down to give it matte clear coat.
Then put all the embellishments on it. 

Sad it took me so long to get these done but they were worth the wait

here is the finishe project I like how they turned out
Thats all I have for today
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Monday, October 20, 2014

Altered Clip Board

Good Morning Crafty Friends
Hope you had a wonderful weekend, I love my weekends they go by so fast.  Today I am posting altered clipboard.  I bought the clipboard at Staples on clearance for work.  The more I kept looking at it I thought I would decorate it. I checked out Pinterest to get some ideas and YouTube.
                                                    This is what the clipboard looked like
I used Modge Podge Matte to adhere my paper to the clipboard I put it on 
evenly and i used a sponge brush., paper I used is from Hobby Lobby called 

        Kellerkurtz & Company Paper Pack 

 I love this paper pad its a must have it you love vintage, I knew I could not embellish this too much because i was using it to write on so I was looking for embellishedments on the paper, I found what I was looking for I love vintage sewing machines, vintage dress forms ect... you get the what I am saying. here is the paper I chose when I saw this paper I knew I had to use it. Once the paper was over the Modge Podge I used a roller to roll out the bubble on the paper. 
below are the embellishment already on the paper no altering had to be done, I could still use the clipboard to write on.  
 . I put more Modge Podge over the paper evenly with a sponge brush and let it dry,  I didnt embellish the clip part because it would be used for work.  I did ad some embellishements where the screws were and some bling, I put Modge Podge over the bling to be sure it would not come off.
 Here is the back of the clipboard I love this paper pad its a must have if you love vintage, I have used this paper to another project I have done.  I will share with you later. I inked the edges of the clipboard with Tim Holtz distress ink vintage ink
  Here is the front of the clipboard I love how it turned out. 

Hope you like my post, Thanks for visiting my blog 
Have a Happy Monday. 

Monday, October 6, 2014


Hello Friends
Hope you are having a wonderful day.  As I said in my previous post I would share my ATC cards that I made for the swap with Miss Linda of LM Creations,  we made 4 cards, colors were pink, brown, maroon, flower, butterfly and a metal emblishment. I had fun doing thsi swap, for my cards I used some Graphic 45 Ladies Diary, metal embellishments from The Paper Studio, flowers from my stash, and prima paper given by Miss Linda from my birthday. here are my cards.

I  love how these cards turned out. I had fun making them Graphic 45 always adds that special touch to any project. 

We have another challenge we will be doing this month we are going to be making 2 tags one will be fall and the other will be Halloween we will be exchanging them at the end of this month.

                                         Thanks for stopping by I hope you enjoyed these my post.

Friday, October 3, 2014


Hello Crafty Friends,
Hope you are having a good day, today I want to share with you a swap I was in with a lady at work.  I have mentioned her before she is Miss Linda of LM creations. She and I did decided to challenge ourselves with a ATC Swap we made 4 cards,  the colors  we had to use were maroon, pink, brown, flowers, metal. We exchanged our csrds today below are her ATC cards they turned out beautiful. They are all beautifully done, but the one with the bird on it is my favorite. She knows I love birds and vintage bird cages. She also gave me some clear bags for these cards to go in a bird coaster which I may alter I cant use for a coaster way to cute to use.  She also gave me some vellum envelopes, and card with sayings on them.  This was fun participating in the swap. 

            Love how Miss Linda thought outside the box and used a different shape for a ATC card below.
                Below is the bird coaster I was talking about, I love it i think it will look pretty altered.

                                            I will also share my ATC cards that i gave her tomorrow.
Thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog.  I hope you enjoyed the ATC Cards, I will post my cards tomorrow.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Draft Chair & Wreath

Hello Crafty Friends

I am here today to share with you a couple of purchase I made. I had been looking for a new chair for my craft room.  The chairs I had didnt raise up high enough where I work in my craft room.  I made a short video of the chair I purchasd.  I bought it through Amazon its called the Boss Chair it was reasonably priced.  I only ordered one to see if I would like it it only cost $109, free shipping, there were different colors to chose from. I chose black and I love my chair.  I will have to get another chair for my room. it came nicely wrapped in this box.  My fear was that it would come damaged, all was good.  Here is the link on where I purchased the chair  and the video for you to watch.  Sorry I cant get my pictures to turn the correct way. 


Also purchased a wreath from Michaels half price and I love  the wreath and who doesnt love a sale.

Thanks for watching

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sad Day Off To college

Hello, I know it has been a while since I have posted or even really done any crafting since my last post.  Today will be bittersweet for me my last baby is leaving for college, even though its about a hour drive from where we live.  Its hard knowing I wont see her when I come home, or will be expecting her to come home when she goes out.  When my 2 older boys left home after high school I knew I still had Savanna at home it would be many years down the road before she would be leaving.  I took it for granted that it would a while  before she would leave for school. Time has flown by so fast I don't know where the years went.  I can say for me that I have taken things in life for granted and her always being here at home I took for granted.  I knew one day she would leave to go to college but that was down the road.  Well tomorrow is the day we take her up there and she wont be coming back home with us when we leave.  I will always worry about her. Its was just a couple of months ago she graduated from high school and now she is leaving.

The past few weeks have been hard for me my emotions have been all over the place I'd sometimes cry driving to work and coming home from work.  I would have to get myself together before I come home so she would not see my cry.   There has been so much going on in my life the past couple of years with family issues, I had to take a break from crafting so I could spend time with my family. Savanna played softball all through out high school.  Her Junior & Senior year of high school we focused on softball, she played for her school and on the weekends, after school was out for summer we played travel ball and would travel all over the state and out of state to get her seen by college coaches. Softball it took a lot of our time during the week and weekends. 


I took some time off this week to be with her and get her pack for college the day has flown by. This time tomorrow night she will be her in dorms. She was excited at first to be going to school and playing D1 college softball.  But now time has come for her to leave and she has told me a few times she doesn't want to leave home.  She likes being home, I encourage her and tell her she will have a good time in college once she gets settled in she needs to get her education so she can be independent and she can support herself and not have to rely on no one.   She is going to school to become a nurse.  I have told her to make common sense when it comes to making decisions. 

Tonight she told its my last night to tell you goodnight, I will miss her it will take a while to get used to her not being here when I get home, Well I wont have to get onto to keep her room clean and take her laundry upstairs. 

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