Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Frame

Hey guys
thanks for dropping in and visiting I want to share with you a really beautiful frame I picked up at Joanns a few weeks back,  When I saw it I fell in love with it.  I love birds and I love the Cardinal they are such beautiful birds and I love the vibribrant red color it saw POW POW LOOK AT ME!!   I try to collect anything related to Cardinals, whenever I see them in my yard I  grab my camera for the perfect shot. 

Well below is the frame I bought I though I would a couple of things to the frame. I love the fact that it had the male Cardinal and the female Cardinal on there but i love the vintage look and the postage stamp.

I added a sticker to this frame I picked up from one of my Christmas collections I had bought.

I also added the sticker that says from our house to your and the beautiful cardinal, he is from K&Company he is 3D.  I love those stickers I picked up a box. I made it look like he was sitting on the post fence like they know how.  When I bought this frame I knew what family picture I wanted in it and LOVE LOVE looking at it on my desk. 

Thanks for dropping in and visiting have a awesome rest of the week.

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