Monday, January 25, 2010

Decorated Expression

I have finally got my Expression back, It had froze up when I had downloaded update Provo Craft put out on Christmas Eve, then after that my Gypsy was not working either. I was sad because I was not able to play with my Cricut  toys. My Gypsy I had bought when HSN had the big release I had not had it long when it got sick. When I called Provo Craft they had sent me a Expression that did not work I had to resend that one back and the next one did not work either so I had to send it back and finally the 3rd one was a charm and it worked.  I had to send my Gypsy back,  and was sent  another gypsy well the one they sent me did not work  the usb was not recognized, I had uploaded the software  and it  could not recognize the usb. I tried to connect to different computers in the house with no luck of the usb being recognized, I tried everythng with no luck of it being recognized. I am waiting for my Gypsy to return to me I hope they transfer all my cartridges I had on my Gypsy to the new one. I hope everything goes smoothly when it is returned and all will be well in my scrapbooking toys.  Did not mean to make this a long post. But I have wanted to decorate my Expression now that I have it back I have decorated it.  I am happy with the way it came out.
Thanks for looking and have a good evening.


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  1. Man that sucks... I have yet to have a problem with my cricut or gypsy-- knock on wood!



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