Monday, April 12, 2010

Signs of Spring

Hello Everyone hope everyone is well, well I wanted to share the pictures I took outside in my back yard. I have birds nest in one of my bird houses and one in one of my trees. I love to take picures of birds. I am still trying to catch a great picture of a cardinal I love those birds they are so pretty.  Love the color red on their feathers. 
Blue Bird Eggs (above)
Blue Bird Momma sitting on her eggs I had tiptoe to get the picture of  momma bird.
Cardinal enjoying some birdseed.

Isabelle checking out the flower pots looking for birds.
Pansy's the color is so pretty.
Well have a good evening.
Thanks For Looking

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  1. Vicky, these pictures are so great. I am so envious of the bluebird eggs. We have been trying to get them to nest in our yard. We see them but they don't stay. Great job, how fun!



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