Monday, July 23, 2012

CHA Meeting Jinger Adams

I just want to share with you my experience at CHA, I  had so much fun  and got to meet some wonderful people and make new friends I had had previously blogged about.  I was able to meet Jinger Adams while at CHA and meet her wonderful assistant Kristi Day.  These are awesome ladies I could not believe it. 

 I was also able to work in her booth WOOO HOO I was soo excited to be able to help out I could not believe it.  I kept saying to myself I cant believe I am here, I cant believe I am here, and to see what goes on behind the scenes.  Jinger & Kristi were soo friendly and down to earth I would have never believed I would been able to meet her and get to help out in her booth, WOW, WOW.
                                                       The Scrapbooking Queen and I

 I was able to see her new line of paper and embellishments.  They are AWESOME!!  The paper is called Gypsy Queen and Bella Vita and it does not stop there you need to see her beautiful embellishments she has they are awesome!!!    The picture below is the
                                                         The Gypsy Queen paper
 This is the Gypsy Queen Embellishments I love this this vintage lace,  this can be used in some vintage projects I have in my head. I am sorry this is sideways I cant get it line up straight.

Bella Vista Line
Bella Vista Embellishments
these are to die for the feathers are real feathers.  I love doilies  7 ribbon in this line you can die this white lace different colors. I am going to have to get me some of these awesome goodies. 

below are pictures of what her DT had created.

 These cards below are pre cut all you have to do is decorate the cards. All the figuring is done for you these too are a must have too. I am going to have to get some of these cards there are also coordinating stickers from both lines that go with these cards fast and easy.

Thanks for stopping in and visiting, this was a wonderful experience and I wont forget it.
Thank You Jinger & Kristi for being soo sweet It was a blast meeting the both of you being soo kind and sweet.

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