Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Hey Crafty Friends, hope all is well with you.  Today is a special day for someone in our family, its my daughter's birthday she will be 17.  I am currently out of town but will be home later on today to help her celebrate.   She came 10 years later after my last son was born.   I cant believe how fast time has flown by she has kept us on our toes. She was a good baby, I would love to dress her up in cute dresses when she was little.   She did not like dolls she was afraid of them but she always loved stuffed animals her favorit was her pooh bear which I still have.  I also have a few of baby dresses I can't give them away. This is a picture of her when she was a baby I love this picture she had the biggest brown eyes.  She looks soo cute with her fooler in her mouth.
Time has flown by, I cant believe how fast she has grown up, she is a typical teenager ready to go and concqure the world.
Happy Birthday Savanna
Mom & Dad love you

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  1. Awww, great photos. Fun looking back, isn't it. They grow up all too quick. My little girl just turned 24!



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