Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Excited I Made a Light Box

Good Evening,
I'm excited for the Do It Yourself project I did. I made a light box for my projects I make. I was tired of not getting the proper lighting to show the true colors of the projects. I looked on line to see how much one would cost and the prices started out at $30 to $80 dollars, and  even higher than that for a light kit. So I did some research and found directions on how to make my own light box for very little money.  So I gathered my supplies of  cardboard box, tape, scissors, ruler, white sheet, light lamps from Lowes, and white paper.  I am so excited I was able to make a light box, this is what it looks like.  Below are some pictures I took of  a card I previously made and a Yorkie figurine. I love  how well the light brings out the color and detail. I can also change out the background to different colors.
Well Thanks for looking


  1. Mom I am really impressed by your light box. This would give my blog the much needed support to improve the quality of my pictures.

    This is a tool that is very important to any hobbyist but we often forget to get one. :) keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks it was real easy to make, yes your are correct hobbyist do forget how important it is to have a tool like this.

  3. How cool is that!Looks like a honey do list item for me (lol). Did you find the instructions on the internet?

  4. Yes I found instructions on the internet I found my instructions I have posted a link below. It is really easy to make. There are all kinds of directions on the internet.
    I am picky when I take my pictures especially my projects I try to get the best light but I was not getting it. It was my son who told me about using the white background when photographing my projects. He had said this is a important tool, we hobbyist end to forget.





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