Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I finally Did It.

I ordered the ATG 714 Gun today,  I cant wait for it to arrive. I was kind of on the fence and not sure about ATG, but after alot of research on the internet and reading other crafters comments on this gun  I did not find a bad review.  This made my decision to buy it. I feel pretty good about this purchase. had the best price, fast delivery I have read people are getting the gun in 3 days. I hope it gets here Friday or Saturday. I just thought I would share.

Got a email from Framing supplies my glue gun is expected to arrive at my home tomorrow, cant wait to get it. Just had to share.

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  1. YOu are going to LOVE it!!! You will save so much $$$ on adhesive! its amazing how far one roll goes and i don't feel like i have to be so skimpy on adhesive on some projects!



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