Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Remodeling my scraproom

Hello, Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, hard to believe New Years Eve is tomorrow.  The holidays have kept me busy. I am on vacations this week,  have done some things around the house but not much.  My mother in law knows I wanted to re-do my scrapbook room so she gave me gift cards to Home Depot for Christmas. I mentioned to my husband who is off work this week.  I should look into getting my cabinets this week. So today we went and picked out cabinets and countertops and paid for them.  Home Depot is looking for left mighter side counter top they did not have it at that store, the counter top I picked out was beige and cabinets are dark wood.  The guy who helped us was very helpful.  If they cant find the beige counter top I may go with the grey ones I want this little project done before I go back to work on Monday.  I will post pictures of my scraproom as it looks before and after.  I am excited I am trying to get organized. I had also bought myself a flat screen 26" tv with some of my Christmas money . I orginally had a 13" inch tv and it was hard to hear the volume when I was on my treadmill. Here are picures of what my room looks like now. I would love to move my treadmill out and have more room but I am not ready to leave it out in the garage. Can't wait to get the cabinets in.
Take care

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