Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Husband Is A Sweetie

Well hope everyone had a good day, my day was good glad to be home. Working for the weekend. This morning I was getting my stuff ready to leave the house for work and my husband asked me if I had to my some more cricut/scrapbook stuff I told him yes always. He gave me pre-paid Mastercard for me to shop on. I thought that was sweet of him to ask me and give it to me do do what I want with. I have my eye on the 2 most wanted cricut carts Kates ABC and Baby Steps and of course my Joanns where I live has not stocked their shelves with these carts and they out of stock on Joanns online. UHH so fustrating! I will be in a area where a Michaels store is not sure if should spend it there or maybe get Peachy Keen Stamps, or Paper Trey ink paper, or apply it to copic markers. The gift card is $90 Yipee!
Oh well I just wanted to share this and how thoughtful my husband was. I need to think of doing something nice for him.
Have a good nite.



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